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Quality Treatment Program at Rehabs in Chicago
Rehabs in Chicago got quality program and excellent staff.You guys are awesome!!Thank you!!
, Chicago Aug 5, 2011

Commendable Rehab Treatment Center
If you live in Chicago and need alcohol or drug treatment I would definitely recommend the Rehabs in Chicago. By far and away the best rehab in Chicago.
, Chicago Jan 20, 2012

Great Experience at Rehabs in Chicago
I recently visited my friend at this facility. I have been out of treatment for a few years myself actually. I didn't attend this program but my friend is there and doing really well. From an outside perspective they really seem like they know what they're doing. Very courteous staff, very attentive clinicians. Offered me tea and a scone (literally) when I showed up on visitation day. Great experience!
, Chicago Mar 30, 2012

Best Drug Rehab Center in Town
Having been through a few other programs, I'd have to say this is the best drug rehab center in Chicago. The staff is all very caring and kind, and they really have an awesome clinical approach. Thank you so much!!!
, Chicago Sep 16, 2011

Right Rehab Treatment...Rehabs in Chicago
If you need treatment for addiction, but also depression, anxiety, or other things like that, this is the right rehab for you. The one on one style was perfect for me and I'm sure it will be for you! Good luck!
, Chicago Sep 23, 2011

Rehabs In Chicago is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.