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There are various forms of therapy at rehabs.  There is not one clear-cut way to deal with addictions to drug and alcohol.  Addicts from Chicago or other cities across America will find a program that works best for them.  Some may be more invasive than others, and the type of rehabs must be sorted between to find which is best for the situation of each patient.

Forms of Therapy at Rehabs

12-Step Program

Alcohol and drug addiction can be battled through many different approaches.  The 12-step program is commonly found at different facilities and rehabs.  In this program, addicts identify with their addiction.  This step, because of strong denial, may be the most difficult for some addicts.  After they realize their battling with this disease, they learn to turn away from their former lifestyle.  The habits that addicts have picked up from their times of alcohol and substance dependency must be renounced and replaced with something more wholesome and beneficial.  The support system created in rehabs must be carried with them beyond the rehab, and into recovery in the real world.  This is crucial; because their sober life will be very different than anything they have been used to, and will be very difficult.

Psychoanalytic Approach

This approach is based on psychology.  Freud’s influence of analyzing addiction has carried throughout the years, and is used by professionals at rehabs to identify the issues of the patients.  With this therapy, the patient and the therapist work to uncover the problems in the patient’s life that may be evident, or hidden in their unconscious.  It is these deep issues that may be transfiguring themselves into obvious habits and compulsions, such as addiction. They are identified by professionals at our rehab.

The Coach Approach

The coach approach is available at many rehabs and beyond.  Through this system, a patient is assigned a sympathetic, understanding, and knowledgeable coach.  This may be a professional therapist, or an alumnus from our program.  These people do understand what it is to be addicted, and they work with the patient in the rehab to move away from their problems and addictions.  This coach, or aid, is a friend as well as a mentor, and can help the addicted patient in their life of sobriety after attending rehab.

Trauma and Grief Therapy

Addiction tends to be caused by something.  Many patients may have just picked up a bad habit that evolved into a serious problem; others have a defining moment that either sparked their substance abuse or amplified it uncontrollably.  Rehabs have professionals, therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, qualified to work with patients in identifying these traumatic events.  It is these events that made their addiction very real.  In these situations, the addiction is just a component of the problem.  It is the addiction that must be dealt with, as well as healing the issue that is associated with the trauma experienced by the patient.